This Is What The Shape Of Your Fingernail Tells About Your Fortune

Every part of your body describes something about you. Here is what the shape of your fingernails portray about your personality and fortune:

Vertically Long Fingernails: The Imaginative Creator

People who have vertical long fingernails are sweet-tempered and romantic. If you have long fingernails, your right brain development is relatively complete, so you have rich imaginations. You usually pay more attention to details and are creative, but you are easily affected by the surrounding environment and believe others easily, so you need to increase alertness to protect yourself. In the communication with the “left-brain” people, both of you may feel difficult and the conflict is unavoidable.

Fortune: When it comes to luck, the most serious problem lies in interpersonal relationship and you are often plotted by the little snobs, so things will not work out successfully. Therefore, you need to watch your back to guard against the little snobs.

Wide: Tempered Debater

People with fingernails of wider shape, may have a well-developed left brain and you will probably like to debate with others. You the type who would express ideas and make people feel that you are straight and open-minded. Some people may also misunderstand you as short-tempered, so remember to remind yourself to be patient and restrained as far as possible.

Fortune: In terms of luck, you are good at the active job which requires the use of brain. You are open-minded and have many friends. But you need to calm down and listen to your heart because the success requires more efforts rather than petty tricks.

Round: The Lazy Pacifist

If you have round fingernails, you usually adapt and live in your own pace. You have high social skills and you will be the first yes-man if people debate around you. This character makes most people love you but it also gives others the impression of bending with the wind, so you need to avoid from being misunderstood by your friends, they will not able to trust you. However, you can easily get along with other people.

Fortune: The adaptable brings you a stable life, and your wealth is in proportion to your efforts except the misfortune to be avoided in your Ben Ming Nian (your zodiac years). On the contrary, you will be unsuccessful if you don’t work hard.

Triangular shape: The Sensitive and Creative Genius

You people are very creaive and come up with new ideas. You might be a little stubborn with inverted triangular fingernails, however, you are an oversensitive and cannot tolerate the featherheads around. Also, you are not comfortable with the people who always do things at their own pace step by step.

Fortune: You are a creative genius and the only thing you should worry about is the luck in love.

Oval shaped: The Reliable Executive

Your personality traits are honesty, reliability, imagination, kindness and have good manners. However, you don’t have much tolerance for injustice and often lose your temper towards different opinions. Well, stepping out and clearing your mind will help alot when you feel tired in interpersonal relationship.

Fortune: As a reliable executive, you often suffer from high pressure, so you have a poor health.

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