There is no perfect age for starting anything new

In this world of full advancement there is no age limit for doing anything new or starting something new . The scenario has changed a lot with the thinking of the people which is also getting broader with the passage of time.There is no “perfect age” for anything and it is not mentioned anywhere as such , we just set limits for ourselves because of the so called norms made by the society getting married till the age of 25 and have children till 28 and so on have been made by the society itself it is no where mentioned in any law, or else where so we should focus more on what we want.

There is no perfect or the right age to do anything , to study, to get married, to have fun, or anything . When we think widely , our thinking also get widened and our growth also increases.There are many examples around us through which we can learn like recently a mother who got enrolled in Phd with her daughter who enrolled in graduation with her set a example, her daughter make her enrolled because she always wanted to do Phd but can’t do because of the circumstances so in this way she is ready to fulfill her dreams. “Dreams have no age limit”, we set our limits on our own.

Don’t set boundaries for yourself , just live your life to the fullest. Find absolute happiness ,don’t act like your age have passed , you can study, go for fitness routine , start a business,job, find a partner or anything . We have got one life ,don’t waste it in doing things according to society .Widen your perspective and go for it.

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