Kangana Ranaut: from her low success tides to her high success tides in Bollywood industry

The Indian actress and director was last seen in an interview with IndianExpress where she expressed herself on the concern of her career with the challenges she faced in her journey. Kangana Ranaut made her first debut in ‘Gangster’, a thriller genre centered movie, from where in she has only risen up with the movies, she has been offered roles for.

Kangana, had been working for her upcoming movie, ‘Judgemental hai kya’ which will be on theatre screens on July 26’ 2019, also starring Rajkumar Rao.

In the interview, Kangana, when was asked a question, whether all the challenges she has faced in the past few years ever takes a toll on her.

She replied saying, “For me, I think every battle that I have fought has been quite time consuming and draining for me. It has not been easy. It has not been an easy ride. But I never thought what I will gain or what I will lose. So I think that spirit is very important where you are ready to sort of put your personal interests aside.”

The actress, has been bold always, due to which a few days back, she came into media coverage a lot more than usual, when she called Karan Johar, the “movie mafia” and also while using the terms like ‘Nepotism’.

Kangana, has been into a lot of media coverage with the words she has spoken also she has managed herself to become one of the highest paid female actress of Bollywood.

During the Interview, she also spoke about her upcoming movie, ‘Judgemental Hai Kya’, in which she has put herself in the shoes of none other than a character extended to her own self in her real life. She said, “Bobby is Kangana. So when there is a portrayal of a real-life character like Manikarnika or Jayalalithaa, you take inspiration from them. However, when it is a character which has been created out of thin air, be it Tanu, Datto, Rani or Bobby, they are an extension of you.”

The Audience will have to wait for a few days more, to see Kangana Ranaut playing the most crazy self of her in the movie.

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