Taapsee Pannu recently agreed with Priyanka Chopra and stated that ‘Bollywood Camps’ have always existed. Taapsee Pannu was recently interviewed by Hindustan Times on her thoughts on the camps in Bollywood. The actress concurred and stated that there are and have been Bollywood camps for a long time while discussing the same topic. Everyone has the freedom to decide who they want to work with, the actress continued, adding that she had no ill will towards such camps. Additionally, Taapsee stated that even before entering the industry, she always knew it would be biassed. After all of this, she added, it is up to the individual if they choose to continue working in the field; they cannot criticise that decision. Taapsee explained this further by saying:

“Yes, Bollywood camps isn’t something that people don’t know about. It’s been there since forever. It can be basis an actor’s friend circle, a certain agency or group that they’re a part of and people’s loyalties differ based on that. Everyone should have the right to choose whosoever they want to work with, or have in their films…I never came with a point of view that it’s going to be all fair in the film industry. I always knew it’s going to be biased. So why crib about it no…And if after all that, you still decide to be a part of this industry, then it’s your choice and you can’t complain about it later.”

Taapsee Pannu further remarked in the interview that camps and favouritism exist in every industry except sports. She added that the outcomes are impartial and independent of chance. When discussing the subject, Taapsee mentioned: “Forget about this industry… I don’t know of any profession, apart from sports probably, where camp and favouritism does not exist, at least to some extent. The results are fair and square, and proportional to ones talent. It’s not dependent on luck.”


In the same interview, Taapsee Pannu stated that outsiders who enter the profession with no filmmaking experience must work tirelessly and attempt to show themselves in each film. The actress went on to say that maintaining one’s position in the industry requires ongoing labour since even if one makes a wonderful movie, that doesn’t guarantee success for the next ten years. Taapsee provided the following details when discussing the subject:

“To become a part of this industry, you first get a foot in the door, and if you manage to do so, there is a struggle to be able to make your presence felt. You have to struggle to prove yourself with every film. It’s not like you have one successful film and the next 10 years are sorted for you. It does not happen like that with people who come to this industry with no background. We have to consistently keep doing good work to be able to have a standing of our own.”