Sushmita Sen Snaps Judgement Pass By Twitter User Mocking Her For Exporting Oxygen Cylinders From Mumbai To Delhi-Exclusive

India has witnessed a shortage of all the medical facilities such as oxygen cylinders and vaccines amid increasing numbers. One of the most affected cities is the national capital Delhi of India where a number of deaths have been reported due to lack of oxygen. However many Bollywood celebrities, influencers, and content creator has come upfront helping people in a possible way they could.

Not long ago, Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen was critiqued for exporting oxygen cylinders from Mumbai to Delhi in times of crisis. While the move was not well received, it was criticized by one of the Twitter users. The actress posted a video of the hospital’s CEO sobbing in front of the camera due to the shortage of oxygen. In response, she pents, “This is deeply heartbreaking…. oxygen crisis is everywhere. I have managed to organize a few oxygen cylinders for this hospital but have no way to transport it to Delhi from Mumbai… please help me find a way.”

Many Twitter users came forward to provide leads regarding how oxygen can be sent to Delhi. In the meantime, one of the Twitter users mocked her saying, “If Oxygen crisis is everywhere why are you sending it to Delhi instead of giving it to some similar hospital in Mumbai”. In response, the actress wrote, “Because Mumbai still has oxygen cylinders available, that’s how I found it. Delhi needs it, especially these smaller hospitals, so help if you can.”

Later, Sushmita told her fans and followers that the hospital had obtained oxygen cylinders from a different source. She wrote, “They said the hospital has oxygen organized for now!!! It gives us more time to send the cylinders!! Thank you all sooooooo much for helping create awareness & support!! deeply grateful!!! Stay good-hearted…. it suits you.”

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