Sushmita Sen Reveals That She Almost Lost Her Life In 2014, Know The Whole Story Inside

Sushmita Sen is one of the fittest actresses in today’s time,  has been defying odds throughout her life and her career. We all can agree on the fact that Sushmita can make any young actress run for money.

In a recent interview, the actress opened up  about the time she almost lost her life to a fatal illness. Sushmita shared that back in 2014 right after she had finished shooting for a film, she fell sick and fainted after which she was rushed to hospital. It was only after a series of tests that doctors realised her adrenal glands had stopped making a vital hormone, known as cortisol. Doctors told Sushmita she was lucky to be revived after her fainting since she had gone into an adrenal crisis, which  often results in organs shutting down one by one. Following this, doctors told her that she would be dependent on steroids for the rest of her life. She said that the sickness made her weak but she was determined to fight back for the sake of her two young daughters. Later in 2016, Sushmita’s health once again took a turn for the worse and after she was hospitalised, doctors were stunned to realise that her body was once again producing the same hormone. Although she stopped taking the steroids, the actress said she suffered from terrible withdrawal symptoms but she fought them all to regain her health.

Recently, in an interview Rajeev Masand, Sushmita revealed a  story about how she lost her passport right before she was supposed to leave for the Miss Universe pageant in Philippines. “It was given to Anupama Verma, then a very famous model and she was also a co-ordinator for events. She had my passport for a show in Bangladesh. She needed it for some ID proofing. So I very confidently told Miss India, ‘Don’t worry my passport is very safely with Anupama Verma’. She couldn’t find it. So she did take responsibility for it and she said ‘I don’t know what I have done’ but the timing of it was scary,” she said. Sushmita added that even though she told her father about it, there wasn’t much he could do as her family had no connections with affluent people.

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