Sushmita Opens Up About Her Life Threatening Disease

The queen of hearts and the gorgeous belle of the limelight industry none other than the diva, Sushmita Sen is a personality everyone admires. The actress has always been confident about her choices and decisions and has also been a source of power for other young women. But the recent news about her degrading health that made her open her instagram handle took every one of us by shock.

In a recent interview she opened up about her disease that almost took her life and how from then on her life was dependent upon steroids and tablets. When the actress was shooting for her Bengali movie ‘Nirbaak’, she fell ill all of a sudden and the team just couldn’t figure out the reason. When taken to the hospital, they were told that Sushmita was fortunate enough to have regained consciousness. As per the reports, her adrenal glands had stopped producing an important hormone cortisol due to which she had gone into an adrenal crisis, a situation witnessed by shutting of all your organs one by one. Doctors henceforth told Sushmita that she had to be dependent upon steroids for her survival and had to take a pill every eight hours a day.

Her disease resulted in her hair loss, high BP, weight gain and low bone density. But the strong will to survive and fight against the evil disease for her two daughters made her win the battle. In year 2016, the actress once again fell sick and was hospitalized only to realize it later that her body has once more started the secreation of cortisol. Doctors were shocked themselves watching this. As a result, Sushmita was asked to give up on the steroids which eventually had grave side effects.

Each day the actress is battling hard to make up to life and is working strong to get well.

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