Soha speaks on Taimur and Inaaya’s brother-sister bond!

The bond shared between a brother and a sister is one of the most special bonds in the world. Here, they kick each other, curse each other and yet can’t see even a single drop of tear in one another’s eyes. If there’s one relation in this world where you can love and hate simultaneously, that’s it. Same is the case with our little, newly formed bro-sis duo, Taimur Ali Khan and Inaaya Naumi Kemmu.

Taimur and Inaaya, both of them are star kids and always remain surrounded with the limelight. Soha Ali Khan is the paternal aunt of Taimur and thus, her and Kunal Kemmu’s little girl Inaaya is his cousin sister. Both of them share a very good bond with one another, speaking of which Soha said, “Now, both are too small and innocent kids. Sometimes they play with each other and sometimes they don’t give attention to each other, but I have seen that Taimur is very caring.”

Being only 2 years old, Taimur is very caring and protective towards his little sweetheart sister. Though he is just a small kid but he loves his sister a lot. Remembering an event, Soha described, “Once Inaaya pulled Taimur’s hair thrice, but he didn’t say anything to her. I think somewhere he knows that this is family, so he tolerates her and they are learning from each other.”

Earlier, Soha stated in an interview,  “Inaaya and Taimur enjoy each other’s company — he’s very curious and he keeps watching her. Sometimes the two will hold hands or touch each other’s faces. We take them to Amrita Arora’s home, which has a lush garden with swings and slides, or sometimes at Kareena’s (Kapoor Khan) home, where we’re playing with Taimur’s train sets. On other days, we take them to play football or swim.”

We hope this brother-sister duo always stays like this!

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