Smriti Irani IS Missing Her Family So Much That She IS Asking For A Hug From them On INTERNET

Smriti Irani is one of those ministers who are tch-savy and always gives us some major goals on internet. She alwaus makes headlines for all the right reasons. Smriti is currently in Delhi because of her job in the parliament and her social media stories are proof of her missing home and family.

She is always active on her ocial media handle and constantly shares hilarious and extremely relatable grams with her fans and let them in on how she is feeling at all times. Recently, Smriti took to her Instagram handle and shared some stories in which she was clearly missing her family and her home that is in Mumbai.

She shared the first story with following caption, “Home” and the image was sent to her by her husband, Zubin Irani. The picture was from a beach in Mumbai and showed a beautiful sunset.

The second story that she shared was from the same beach and showed an even more beautiful sunset was captioned, “As the day ended far away at home.”

And in the third story, we can see an image of a paper that had hug written on it which Smriti Irani was holding in her hands. The image was captioned, “When she asked me if I need something at work, I said send me a hug and she obliged from home.”

For those who don.t know, Smriti Irani is now also the Minister for Women and Child Development along with Textile Minister.

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