Shocking: Mahira Khan’s Fan Throws Object At Her During Event; Actress Reacts, ‘I Was Scared’

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is known for her impressive Bollywood debut in “Raees.”  She starred alongside Shah Rukh Khan and captivated audiences with her acting talent. Over the years, she has built a large and devoted fan base. Recently, she attended a literary event in Quetta, Pakistan, where an unexpected incident occurred. During the event, a fan threw an object at her on stage.

Mahira Reacts to the Incident

Mahira Khan took to her official social media to share a video from the event. She expressed her disapproval of the incident. She criticized the fan’s behaviour, explaining that throwing objects at celebrities, even if it’s something as harmless as “a flower wrapped up in a paper plane,” sets a bad precedent. Mahira stated, “It is unacceptable. There are times I get scared, not just for myself, but for others who may be trapped in a mob-like situation.”

In her post, Mahira also mentioned that someone suggested avoiding the venue in the future, but she disagreed. She explained that the crowd of over 10,000 people was largely there to show love and excitement. Mahira emphasized the need for more events to promote exposure, awareness, and education.

 Promoting Cultural Events and Unity

Mahira advocated holding more events like the one in Quetta across various Pakistani cities. She believes that increased exposure will lead to greater understanding and unity. Normalize it. And see what happens,” she wrote. She reflected on her positive experiences at the event, sharing how she enjoyed the company of amazing people, delicious food, and beautiful stories under the Quetta sky.

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The actress, who recently married Pakistani businessman Salim Karim in a private ceremony, expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming love and support she received in Quetta. Mahira remains optimistic and looks forward to returning, hoping that such events will foster cultural growth and mutual understanding.

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