Shehnaaz Gill is undoubtedly one of the favourite contestants of the host Salman Khan and viewers strongly believes that he is biased towards Shehnaaz and supports her a lot in comparison to the rest.

In a recent interview with SpotBoye Shehnaaz’s father, Santokh Singh shared that he feels Salman supports Shehnaaz because he is entertaining. He was quoted as saying, “Shehnaaz fans will definitely praise the fact that Salman likes her whereas the ones who are not her fans will call it as biased behaviour. Shehnaaz is very innocent and that has won Salman’s heart. I remember when she walked on Bigg Boss 13 stage, no script was given to her. Her song was being played and she spontaneously broke into a dance which impressed him. And I think that’s why he sides my daughter as she is extremely entertaining.”

Further revealing the reason behind Shehnaaz calling herself Katrina he had stated, “When she was in school, she used to call herself as Katrina Kaif. She was very active in dance and drama on-stage since then and people used to say she looks like Katrina. So, she started saying ‘Main Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif Hoon.”

In another interview with SpotboyE, Shehnaaz’s father, Santok Singh Sukh had opened up about his daughter’s feelings for Paras. Santok Singh had stated that her daughter’s feelings for Paras were true and she genuinely liked him. He also said that Shehnaaz went inside the house and built a good bonding with Paras but with time, she started developing feelings for him.
He had further added, “In the first episode, Salman Sir had informed the contestants that they have to make connections inside. So somewhere, it got stuck in my daughter’s head that she has to build a strong connection inside. She went for Paras amongst the rest because she knew about him as she had seen him on Splitsvilla”.

He had concluded saying, “However, with time, I realised that she actually started developing feelings for him and woh dil se chahne lagi thi usko. However, Paras always wanted to be with Mahira and he used Shehnaaz for it. In the first week, we saw him and Shehnaaz sitting on the red sofa. But when Paras saw that she is getting serious for him, he clarified it to her that he is already committed to someone. And I really liked that about him. Though the makers didn’t air this conversation of them on TV, in one of the episodes last week, I saw Paras saying ‘Maine toh Shehnaaz ko pehle hi bol diya tha mera bahar connection hai’.”

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