Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are certainly a power couple in Bollywood. The two have been married for over 7-8 years now and have two beautiful kids together. However, their married life has had many questions raised around it. Many have questioned the age gap, many have talked about Mira’s thoughts on Bollywood mums, and much more. However, it’s what the family that matters. And now we have Shahid Kapoor’s mom Neelima Azeem’s views on her daughter in law Mira Rajput.

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, Neelima Azeem showered compliments on Mira and said that she has got the entire family together. She said that at a young age, Mira handled her marriage to a successful star and the media attention very well.

“She’s (Mira) the most undramatic person I know. Since we are all actors, we are extremely dramatic. I have never had a daughter, so Mira is my daughter. She has got the entire family together. The amount of love, and happiness she’s given to Shahid and all of us, is beautiful. I got to know from everyone that she’s the chosen one.”

She continued, “Shahid was extremely shy in the beginning and he wanted to see how I react. So when I met her, I just felt she is so carefree, so sweet, young. Mulaga yeh toh ekdam bachchi hai, kitni pyaari si bholi si. But then, she took on the mantle to be the wife of a successful star and surprised all of us. The pubic persona that she has, the way she handles herself in front of everyone, she’s done it so well. And most importantly, she has made Shahid so happy. And Ishaan and my family seems complete now.”

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