They say it’s all in the stars. Astrology and horoscope are not something that tell you only about your traits and personality but also your health. Here’s what astrology says about your health. It’s not that if it’s written in your stars, it’s compelled to happen. It still depends on you and if you are already aware of upcoming obstacles, you can plan for it to change. Here, have a look at your zodiac sign.


You are advised to do light cardio exercises and go on regular walks to get fresh air.  This is because you are highly vulnerable to headaches and migraines due to stress.


You seem to be sensitive towards changing weather conditions. You may often face sore throats and cough-cold. So, you are supposed to take good care of your health and stay warm and clean.


You are supposed to stay a little away from electronic devices like mobile phones or laptops as these may become a reason for your tension and stress. Though you are a joyful and cheerful person, there are chances of you suffering from problems related to nervous system.


There is a high possibility of you suffering from psychological issues including depression, mood-swings and appetite issues. It’s better for you to work towards having a good control over your emotions.


You often face heart and blood pressure related issues and thus you are advised to stay happy and less stressed. Apart from this, you are also vulnerable towards back-muscles problems. Try meditation and muscular relaxation.


Food allergies, upset stomach and annoying bowels are your share of health issues. Well, you must take proper care of your diet while yoga on a regular basis is highly preferable.


Apart from your chances of suffering from diarrhea, you are also vulnerable to problem related to skin, kidney and bladder. You can cure this with a good amount of liquid intake and you are supposed to remain hydrated.


People with this zodiac sign are assumed to have a negative attitude towards most of the things. This may cause reproductive and hormonal health issues for you. You need to be optimistic and have more positive outlook towards everything.


You have chances of suffering from eyesight problems and you are vulnerable to accidents. So, the best remedy for you is to be careful and attentive towards everything you do.


You really need to look after your Calcium intake and have a good massage for joints. It’s because there’s high probability of bone and joint problems. Most of the Capricorns have a tendency to have bad teeth, knees and joints.


You have high chances of having problems in your lower body including feet and ankles. Sprains and ankle-twists may become a regular thing for you. A good and nutrient-rich diet is suggested to you.


Your immune system and reflex actions may cause problems to you. So, you are very much advised to stay far away from any sort of intoxications.

Have a good knowledge of your health and body. As they say, it is health that is real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver.