Say A Big No To These Things Before Your Wedding Day

Wedding season is all here and we all want to look our best on our special day. From getting our skin all brightened up to making our body ‘wedding ready’, we plan out every little body care a month before to make ourselves glow. We take care of every little detail that needs to be done right before our wedding day. But we often do not take into account the things that need not be done. Here are some points that require your big NO before your most awaited day.

No new hair color or hair cut

Your wedding is in just a few days and you decide to go for a new hair color? No! Any color needs to get acquainted with your hair type and time to get settle on before you can actually flaunt them. And clearly, you do not want anything to go wrong just a week before your dreamy day. Similarly, having a new haircut will only hamper your current style and can make your look go all tacky. If needed, just go for a short trimming.

Do not dare change your diet or fitness regime

Getting accustomed to any new fitness regime can be tiring and take a whole lot of time. Whenever you change your body lifestyle, it takes some time to get used to that trend and during this process your body may develop sores or marks. You definitely do not wish to go like that on your wedding day. Do you? Similar is the case with your diet chart. Do not make drastic changes. You will not look good in a disfigured shape.

Bachelorette is it?

Yes, it is your last days of being single and partying with friends is a must. But plan your bachelorette at least 10-15 days prior your wedding to get all the alcohol and junk out of your system and get your body cleansed. You do not wish to look puffy or bloated up!

Chemical treatment? A big no no!

Chemicals can have a drastic effect on your skin according to your skin type. Not everytime your skin reacts healthily towards chemicals. So if you wish to go for a chemical beauty treatment, do it a month or two prior your wedding and not when there is only a week left!

No night outs!

To look healthy and fresh, you got to end all those late night outs with your friends and family this week. Count on beauty sleep and make ‘early to bed early to rise’ your daily motto.

Be safe from those shoes blisters

Mandatory Credit: Photo by PhotoAlto/REX/Shutterstock (4291138a) MODEL RELEASED Woman sitting on couch, putting on shoes, looking down VARIOUS

Do not try your footwear in the last days. You definitely do not want those blisters and cramps on your feet from those newly bought shoes and sandals. Get styled in the most perfect way but do not forget to do that with comfort. Comfort is the utmost priority!

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