‘Saving Love Triangles Only For The Reel Life Not Real Life’, Claims Ananya Pandey

Love is a risky game; those who know how to play it will master it! And the trouble begins when there is an entry of a third party to the story which makes your script like that of a ‘Cocktail’ or ‘SOTY’. Such a movie script is being faced by the most discussed trio of the showbiz; Ananya Pandey, Kartik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan. All the three stars are doing a great deal in their careers and have proven to be the deserved ones! While Ananya rocked the screens with her debut in SOTY 2 gaining much attention and love from the audience, Sara has already become the crush of thousands after doing ‘Kedarnath’ and ‘Simmba’ back to back. Coming to Kartik Aryan, the man is already the national interest of the country.

The love triangle between the threesome is a chemistry we all love to follow from time to time. As Sara has already confessed her interest in Kartik in a chat show with Karan, the duo is many a times caught together going on dates and hanging out. The actor is also seen going places with bubbly Ananya and have been snapped together at various occasions only giving us reasons to believe that there exists a love triangle between the three.

Clearing out the air of their rumored love triangle Ananya said that she is just 20 now and is just crushing over Kartik which is normal at this age. Nothing serious goes on between the two, the actress claimed. She is quite open about her feelings.

Also in an early interview Ananya talked her heart quoting the following statement, “I may look like a haddi, but I don’t want to be a kabab mein haddi, so I’ll just let them go on their own.” At around the same time, ‘Kedarnath’ actress confessed how she did not want to jump in between the two and said,” “I find Kartik cute. I finding him cute, it’s a Sara-Sara thing so how does it matter if he finds some other person whose name starts with and ends with A cute? That’s good for him.”

Well, we are curious to know which of the following actresses pairs up with heartthrob Kartik. Who do you think makes a better couple?


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