Sara Ali Khan Swipes Right For Kartik Aryan: Love Is In The Air

The biggest buzz in Bollywood is about the new comer actress Sara Ali Khan. The actress has managed to win millions of hearts with her down to earth nature and simplicity. She became the latest talk of the town ever since she made her first TV appearance with her dad on Koffee With Karan. In the show, the actress showed interest in marrying Ranbir Kapoor. However, when asked who she would like to date, she said she would date Kartik Aryan. Karan Johar took no time to declare that if Kartik Aryan is watching this, Sara is interested in him.

A few weeks post this episode, Sara was promoting her recently released Simbaa with her co-star Ranveer Singh when they happened to bump into Sara’s crush Kartik Aryan. Ranveer Singh played cupid and introduced Sara to Kartik. The two met shared greetings and hugged each other. Ever since then, people have been anticipating whether this is the blossoming of a new romance on Bollywood or not. And it seems Sara Ali Khan is all eager to get Kartik Aryan to say yes to her public proposal.

In a recent video that was uploaded while chatting with Bombay Times, Sara could be seen confessing her love for Kartik Aryan once again. A segment of the video had asked Sara to swipe right or left (right indicating yes and left indicating no) when given a couple of names. When it came to choosing Kartik, Sara immediately got all excited and gave him multiple right swipes! When asked about Ranbir Kapoor (whom she had once wanted to marry), an all-honest Sara shared that “he is getting married to Alia now” and gave him a left! In the second video, when asked what would she like to gift Kartik Aaryan, she couldn’t stop blushing and gestured a heart with her hand, indicating that she would like to gift him love!


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