Sara Ali Khan Reveals The One Thing Most Discussed With Father Saif Ali Khan, No It’s Not Films

Saif Ali Khan and his daughter Sara Ali Khan are undeniably a few of the most well-read stars in Bollywood. They have received a great education and it reflects in their personality. As per many other stars, Saif Ali Khan is a lover of books and loves to gain as much knowledge as possible about history. And his daughter Sara Ali Khan has followed in his footsteps. Sara has revealed that history is one topic that is most discussed between the two, even more than films.

She recalled her Italy trip with her father, which was all about the country’s food- Pizza, pasta, its culture, music and plays. Also the duo likes to discuss more about Hitler and Georgian revolutionary Joseph Stalin as compared to films. “I remember this vacation with him in Italy, which was all about pizza, pasta, culture, museums, music and plays – this is something my father and I really, really enjoy. We both are history nerds, and we laugh about the fact that we discuss Hitler and Stalin more than films and Bollywood,” said Sara.

Meanwhile her daddy Saif Ali Khan is on a break as he welcomed his second child with Kareena Kapoor Khan just yesterday. The duo once again embraced parenthood, with Kareena giving birth to a baby boy. The couple already has a son Taimur Ali Khan.

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