Salman Khan Faces Backlash After Old Video Resurfaces; Actor Says ‘Will Make Wife Quit Film Industry

Salman Khan Faces Backlash After Old Video Resurfaces, Actor Says Will Make Wife Quit Film Industry

Megastar Salman Khan is at the receiving end of the backlash from the audience. The reason is his old video from the show ‘Dus Ka Dum’. The actor used to host the show back in the day, but now a clip from the same has gone viral.

Salman Khan’s Candid Thoughts on Marriage

In a revealing moment on the quiz reality show, Dus Ka Dum, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan openly discussed his views on marriage and the film industry. The conversation took place with guests Kangana Ranaut, the talented actress, and pandit ji.

Kangana’s Curiosity About Salman’s Marriage

During the show, Kangana Ranaut couldn’t resist asking Pandit ji about the chances of Salman Khan tying the knot. This innocent query sparked an interesting conversation about Salman’s marriage plans. Pandit ji shared an intriguing prediction, stating that Salman might get married when he turns 49 years old, and to someone outside the film industry. However, Salman Khan had a different take on it.

Salman’s Firm Stance on Marriage and Films

In response, Salman candidly expressed his viewpoint. He made it clear that even if he were to marry someone from the film industry, he would ensure she quits acting. This revelation surprised everyone and added a new dimension to the discussion. The comment made in a fun and light-hearted moment has now resurfaced. The comment by the superstar has not gone down well with the audience and is receiving backlash.

According to the netizens, the clip has provided Salman Khan’s thoughts on marriage and how he perceived the film industry in relation to his personal life.

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