Sajid Khan And Soundarya Sharma’s Cute Picture Ignites Their Dating Reports, Actress Reveals Truth: Deets Inside!

All of the “Bigg Boss 16” participants were invited to a success party given by Shekhar Suman. But, Sajid Khan and Soundarya Sharma’s photo from the same publication sparked their relationship rumours. All of the Bigg Boss 16 competitors attended a special party that Shekhar Suman, a well-known actor and host, hosted at his opulent residence. Shalin Bhanot, Shiv Thakare, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Archana Gautam, Sajid Khan, Soundarya Sharma, and other contestants were present at the celebration, but MC Stan, the Bigg Boss 16 winner, was absent. On the internet, party photos are widely circulated. But the particular image of Sajid and Soundarya that is currently going viral on social media is unique.

Sajid Khan and Soundarya Sharma’s dating reports

Sajid Khan and Soundarya Sharma took a selfie together during the party, and they both looked gorgeous in their separate outfits. Sajid may be seen sporting a black jacket over a black T-shirt, but Soundarya looked stunning in a silver-colored ensemble. As soon as the image circulated on social media, many began to wonder if or not tensions between the two were developing.

The ongoing rumours received a major push after Shalin Bhanot, who was also at the party, said something controversial in Soundarya’s Instagram video in which the actress showed who was at the party. As soon as the camera was panned at Sajid, it was Shalin who said, “Let’s make it a little controversial. So are you guys dating?” Soundarya was shocked to hear this, and as soon as she did, she paused the tape and grinned while telling Shalin to “shut up.” Here are some screenshots from the video since it is currently impossible to find it online.

With the internet buzzing about their alleged romance, Shalin Bhanot has surely sparked a fresh issue in the lives of Soundarya Sharma and Sajid Khan. In addition, a lot of people started criticising Sajid for dating a 28-year-old actress while being 52 years old. Yet, Soundarya was the one to respond to the reports and address everyone who joined their names amid the mounting rumours that they were dating.

In response to rumours that she was dating Sajid Khan, according to a report in IANS, Soundarya Sharma hit back at everyone who was making the rumours. Sajid has always been treated like a buddy and an older brother, the actress acknowledged. She further stated that hearing such things about her and Sajid, whom she has the utmost regard for, is quite upsetting. Even in this day and age, Soundarya said, it is depressing to watch actresses paired up with anyone for no apparent reason.


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