Saif Ali Khan on motivating his kids for moving into Bollywood industry.

“We’re an acting family, the whole bunch of us are in the industry. So I’m sure. He’s still a little young, and I’m keener that he does university first. Then, of course, we’ll support him in whatever he wants to do,”says Saif Ali Khan on his son, Ibrahim Ali Khan’s dream to get to his goal of seeing himself as a Bollywood actor just like his dad.

Saif Ali Khan has been so keenly supportive to his family and all his kids. His daughter, Sara Ali Khan, who made her first debut in ‘Kedarnath’ and then in ‘Simbaa’, now the audience and the nationwide film enthusiasts are looking forward to Ibrahim Ali Khan, who has been into conversations about how talented is he, and how eagerly does he want to step into the industry himself.

The family is just waiting for the seventeen year old star kid, to just finish get done with his Bachelor’s and charm he carries seems so beneficial for him to movie into the industry swiftly.







When, Saif, was asked the questions about his son’s bollywood dreams by Hindustan Times, he added, “He should, he’s looking good, better looking than I am! He’s a very charming guy. I definitely think all of my children would be interested in acting.”

Sara Ali Khan, also wishes to see her brother in the industry and appreciates his skills and talent will also be seen in her next Bollywood remake movie, coolie no. 1 with Rajpal Yadav.


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