Rohit Roy And Manasi Joshi Roy Completes 22 Years Of Marital Bliss, “I Have Made My Fair Share Of Mistakes But She Is Always The Right One”

Rohit Roy and Manasi Roy make for one of the most beautiful couples in the telly town. They have been married for years now, yet they share the same amount of warmth and admiration. They have been giving us marital goals for two decades now. And we can only see love growing fonder between the two.

As they recently completed 22 years of marital bliss Rohit couldn’t contain his happiness and told, “I am very proud that these 22 years have been more happy than sad. We’ve had our own turmoil over the years, but we faced and overcame them together. It’s 22 years of marriage and seven years of dating, so I complete 29 years of knowing Manasi and she finishes 29 years of tolerating me today.”

In the same interview, when he was asked if he has planned something special for his wife and actor Manasi. To which he replied, “In our relationship, right from the beginning, she is the one who plans, and I am the one who executes or gives in to her execution.”

Revealing Manasi’s plan for their special day she said, “She has planned a small getaway today. Obviously, we are not travelling much, so we will travel two km from our house and check into the Marriott. We will spend the day there and our daughter will join us there for lunch, while me and Mansi will spend the day there and try to be romantic, as that’s what people do on anniversaries.”

He also went on to reveal that Manasi is the “better one” and he is one “the more difficult one” to live with. “I have made my fair share of mistakes in our relationship but she is always the right one. As an actor, I feel you have certain quirks and when I use that argument, she replies that even though she is an actor, she doesn’t, and I never have an answer to that. So, I always tell her that she is from another planet.”

Sharing their mantra behind a successful marriage he said, “With Manasi and I, we have had our fair share of struggle, but our intrinsic relationship is so strong that we have never entertained the thought that one day we might look at the opposite sides of the coin, ever”.

He concluded by saying, “I say this with a lot of conviction because I feel today’s youth gives up on a relationship too early. It’s all about resilience. Marriage is about commitment and love is something that keeps fluctuating. But intrinsically if you are fond of your partner, love will always be around.”

We wish this beautiful couple a lifetime of togetherness.

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