Having a family is one of the most cherished gifts from God and one such happy-go-lucky family is of Mardaani actress Rani Mukerji. Rani Mukerji added ‘Chopra’ to her name as she tied the knot with famous Indian filmmaker Aditya Chopra, on April 21, 2014. Together, the couple has a baby girl, Adira Chopra.

Rani Mukerji had recently appeared on Neha Dhupia’s show “No Filter Neha” where she talked about her personal life and daughter Adira like never before.  She revealed how she and Aditya Chopra get into major fights over their daughter and how they make up via text messages later. On being asked what she and Aditya Chopra fight about she said that they fight for Adira.  “When you are parenting a child, there will be conflicting ideas.” She further added that whoever amongst the two realizes being unreasonable sends the first message to patch up.

Rani also opened up about the increasing number of rapes in the country and blamed the upbringing of men. Talking about bringing up a child in such an environment she revealed that she keeps telling Adira, “You are the bravest, you are the strongest, you have more muscles than your papa, I am inculcating that in her brains from now only because I don’t want anybody in the world to tell her that she is not powerful or that she is not strong enough.”

Rani who claims to be punctual just like her father revealed that her husband Aditya Chopra is even more punctual than her. She had stated, “He wants to go and watch every trailer. So that starts 20 minutes before the movie time. He likes to go at least half an hour before the actual movie starts. He likes to go to the theatre and see the lights go off.”

In an earlier interview, Rani had opened up about how she manages to spend time with her daughter despite her busy schedule. The actress was quoted as saying, “I always take the slot of the afternoon because she sleeps at this time. So, I take the advantage and when she is sleeping, I kind of come, do my work and go back home. When I was shooting for the film also, I used to go early in the morning to shoot and five-six hours of work I used to finish in the morning and go back home before her lunchtime. So, she doesn’t miss me too much because when a baby wakes up, she has her own routine.”

At an event in Singapore, Rani had opened up about balancing work and motherhood simultaneously and had stated, “For me to leave [my daughter] and go for a shoot was a completely different experience then when I was single and when I went to a film shoot. Actually, the first day of the shoot when I actually left home, I was bawling in the car. I was like going through emotions of guilt and emotions of being scared as a mum that what would happen to my child that I’m leaving behind. So, the film had to be really really special for me to be able to leave my baby home and go to the film set.”

We wish Rani all the success for her future endeavours.