The controversial queen Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh has been making headlines ever since he has been evicted from the Bigg Boss House. On December 19th, the host of the show Salman Khan announced the eviction of Rajiv Adatia and Ritesh from the show.

After being evicted from the Bigg Boss house, Rakhi Sawant’s Husband opened about the accusations his first wife Snigdha Priya has leveled up against him. His first wife accused Ritesh of domestic violence against him in the media. In a conversation with Zoom channel, Ritesh said, “I want to say that if I have hit her then why from 2014 to 2017 she stayed with me. It is almost 3 years since she has been with me. Also, ask her why she didn’t stay with me. Her house is in Bihar then why does she stay in Delhi and with whom does she stay. Also, twice she ran away with me then with whom she ran away with? I was quiet all this while. I didn’t want to spoil my child’s future. There was some threatening that came from their side but I can show you all the proofs about them.”

In the same interview, Ritesh also called his ex-wife, Snigdha Priya, a ‘fame hunter’, as he questioned her intentions after she had dragged him out of nowhere exactly when he was inside Bigg Boss 15 house. Also, in his strong statement, Ritesh clearly stated that his wife’s only motive behind all the baseless allegations that she had made against him was to be in the spotlight. He said:

“Today, when I was inside the Bigg Boss house, tab ye mere pair khichne ke liye aayi. If she has filed a case against me since 2017, toh aaj ye mudda uthaneka kya matlab hua. Aaj vo kahi na kahi behti ganga mein haath dho rahi hai. Usko laga hoga ki bhai ab mujhe bhi famous hona chahiye.”