Rahul Vaidya’s Mother Opens Up On His Marriage Proposal To Disha Parmar; ‘I Am Ready For Their Relationship’

Bigg Boss contestant Rahul Vaidya surprised everyone when he decided to propose her girlfriend Disha Parmar for marriage. To do something special on her birthday, Rahul decided to propose to the ladylove of his life from inside the house. While wishing her Happy Birthday by writing on his white t-shirt, the singer wrote ‘will you marry me’ on the back and by looking at the camera he proposed to her. While Rahul is desperately waiting for Disha’s answer, his mother Geet Vaidya gives a green signal to their relationship.

In an interview with ETimes, Rahul Vaidya’s mother Geet Vaidya shared that Rahul did not confess his feelings before entering the house. she also mentioned that Disha has even visited their house on several occasions. “They share a great bond, they have worked together in two music videos. She is a good friend of Rahul and that’s why she visited our house. But Rahul did not tell us about his feelings before entering the house. We also got to know about his feelings on the show. I am ready for their relationship and if Disha is fine, once Rahul comes home we will discuss and take things forward,” said Geeta Vaidya.

She further called Disha a good girl and mentioned that if her answer is a yes to her son’s proposal, she will herself call her up. Geeta was quoted saying, “She has visited on other multiple occasions but nothing of this sort he ever told us. Maybe now when he went inside the house and kya Pata Dil mein ghanti bajji hogi, he must have realised his feelings and he proposed to her on national television. Disha is a very good girl and if her answer is yes, then I will pick up the phone and call Disha myself.”

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