Paras Chhabra Talks About Going Through Anxiety And How Weight Gain Affected His Mental Health

Paras Chhabra has been in the limelight ever since he entered the Bigg Boss house in season 13. The reality TV star is currently busy working on music videos. In a recent interview with Bollywoodlife, Paras Chhabra shared that he had to put on weight for his project but the process took a bad toll on his life. Paras Chhabra revealed that he was suffering from anxiety due to body transformation.

Paras Chhabra also talks about the hate comments he received after gaining weight which affected his mental health. The entertainment portal quoted him saying, “I had to gain weight for my last project. The whole process to put on weight was very difficult. Gaining weight naturally and gaining weight consciously are two different things. The process took a bad toll on me. Above all, the kind of hate I got for putting on weight took me by shock which affected my mental health and triggered anxiety in me.”

Paras Chhabra is now shedding weight for the grey character he will be playing opposite Mahira Sharma in his next song. “Now for my next song, I have to drop weight. Earlier gaining weight had triggered anxiety in me, now losing has. Anxiety can cause you to do different things that affects your day to day activities. From waking up till I sleep I am anxious,” said Paras.

The Bigg Boss 13 contestant is currently in Manali shooting for his next song.

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