In the recent episode, we saw Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra confessing their feelings for each other on national television. We also saw how Paras showered kisses on her and embraced her in a hug. The two are inseparable these days and they love each other’s company to the core.

Now in a recent interview with BollywoodLife Mahira’s mom, Sania opened up about her daughter’s equation with Mahira. She was quoted as saying, “It is dosti wala pyaar. He has been really good with her. I admire their friendship. Paras has looked after her throughout.” Mahira’s mom Sania did not like Sidharth Shukla earlier but her opinion about him has changed of late. “Sidharth and Mahira’s bonding is very nice. He is like an elder brother”.

She had further added, “I used to feel he is a rude guy but Sid seems quite soft-hearted. The way he cared for her in Paras’ absence even when he was unwell shows a lot about him as a person. He took her inside gently when the fight with Rashami Desai got ugly. I really missed Sid on the show. He is the jaan of Bigg Boss 13.”

She further went to reveal that watching her daughter on TV is not easy. She had stated, “I was devastated when Rashami Desai made that doll and said it is drowned and dead. I wept all night. Even in the letter task, Asim destroyed the letter. He did not value my daughter’s emotions. I like Asim but I do not appreciate this. In fact, when I saw Asim at the inaugural episode, I was happy as Mahira would have someone from Jammu in the house. We are from that place so I thought a good sibling bond would develop. Asim Riaz is the shrewdest player in the house. He is in the game.”

 She also revealed that her daughter is a lucky charm.“The TRPs of Kundali Bhagya shot up after her entry. She did a music video with a guy in Punjab and he started getting so many offers. He told Mahira that she was a lucky talisman. Even Bigg Boss 13 is doing so well,” she said. Mahira Sharma had to let go off a Punjabi film for Bigg Boss 13. “She had been offered Bigg Boss in the past but I never allowed her because I was scared. Also, the tasks can cause physical injury. This time, she was adamant,”

She concluded saying, “I want her to be like Kareena Kapoor Khan. In fact, we had gone to a party where Randhir Kapoor had blessed her. I pray that she touches the sky in her career.” 

What do you guys think about Mahira’s mom’s opinion on Paras-Mahira’s relationship? After all that happened yesterday, we don’t think they are “just friends”