Pankaj Tripathi Explains Why He Will Only Speak Hindi In Films, “Don’t Like Speaking In A Language, I Am Not Comfortable With”

Mirzapur actor Pankaj Tripathi claimed that his voice had a significant impact on his acting abilities and said he would prefer not to participate in a project that required him to speak a language he is not accustomed to. In his career in the Hindi film industry, Pankaj Tripathi has played a variety of multifaceted characters, but he has no plans to continue acting in films produced in other languages.

The actor clarified that he believes his voice makes a significant contribution to his acting skills, which is why this is the case. He claimed that if he could not use his voice effectively while speaking in a language he was unfamiliar with, he would not be able to do justice to a character.  The actor claimed that the concept of dubbing bothers him as well. He did, however, mention that he was looking forward to playing a Hindi-speaking character in a foreign-language movie.

Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi told PTI, “I don’t like the idea of speaking in a language I am not comfortable with in any film or web series. I’m not in favour of my dialogues being mouthed by someone else. My voice complements my acting and expressions. Otherwise, my role is incomplete.”

Pankaj responded that his understanding of Bengali is still insufficient when asked if he would ever play the lead in a Bengali film, a language he can understand. He said, “Ami alpo alpo Bangla jani, bhaloi bujhi kintu bhalo bolte pari na (I know a little bit of Bangla and understand fully, but can’t speak much). It is not sufficient for portraying a Bengali-speaking character. ” Noting that he would be willing to do it if he’s a Hindi-speaking character in a Bengali film, Pankaj added, “I am looking forward to being approached with a storyline to my liking by any of the current crop of talented directors in Bengal.”

The next movie starring Pankaj will be Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga, directed by Bengali-language filmmaker Srijit Mukherji. When Srijit visited Kolkata for Durga Puja in 2019, the actor recalled that Srijit told him about the movie’s concept. The movie, which also features Neeraj Kabi and Sayani Gupta, is set to hit theaters on June 24. Recently, Pankaj revealed that his wife, Mridula Tripathi, would also be making her Bollywood debut in the movie with a cameo.

On the work front, Pankaj Tripathi recently revealed that his wife, Mridula Tripathi, will also be making her Bollywood debut with a cameo appearance in the film.


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