Former actress and television personality Sofia Hayat, known for her stint in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 7, recently took to Instagram to reveal a harrowing experience she faced. She shared a bedroom video of a man who falsely accused her and caused her imprisonment in Dubai. Alongside the video and pictures of the man, Sofia penned a detailed note recounting her traumatic ordeal.

False Accusations and Threats

Sofia alleged that the man falsely accused her of extorting £5000 from him and threatened to release a nonexistent ‘sex tape’ unless she complied. However, Sofia vehemently denied the existence of any such tape. She claimed that the man concocted this lie because he owed her money and refused to pay up. Despite the absence of evidence supporting his claims, Sofia endured two months in jail before the case was dropped.

Arrest and Detention in Dubai

Sofia revealed the shocking circumstances of her arrest at Dubai airport on December 31, 2023. Despite requesting assistance from the British embassy, Sofia was denied help and treated harshly by the authorities. She described her distressing experience of being detained without explanation, and only receiving medical attention after experiencing health issues. Sofia emphasized the lack of clarity regarding her situation and the uncertainty surrounding her release.

Emotional Toll and Gratitude

In her Instagram posts, Sofia shared her emotional turmoil and expressed gratitude for the support she received. She acknowledged the challenges of being alone with her thoughts while navigating a foreign legal system. Despite the adversity, Sofia found solace in meditation and exercise, highlighting her resilience.

Journey Beyond Bigg Boss


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Beyond her reality TV stint, Sofia Hayat’s life has been marked by spiritual exploration and personal growth. After embracing spirituality and becoming a nun in 2016, Sofia adopted the name Gaia Sofia Mother. Despite facing obstacles and setbacks, Sofia continues to share her journey and experiences, inspiring others with her resilience and determination.

Sofia Hayat’s recent revelations shed light on the complexities of fame, justice, and personal integrity, reminding us of the importance of speaking out against injustice and standing up for truth.