Nia Sharma Reacts After Being Shamed For Cutting ‘Pen*s Cake’: “I Don’t Like To Argue With People”

Popular TV actress Nia Sharma recently turned 30 and entered the third decade of her life with a bang. She had a super fun birthday party where the cake was cut at midnight. And this cake left to a lot of controversies. It was shaped like the male reproductive organ and many of her fans didn’t like the same. They felt embarrassed by it and even shamed her for cutting such a dirty cake.

In a recent conversation with IANS, Nia Sharma finally reacts on being trolled for cutting the cake. She says, “I use social media to distract myself from stressful situations. I like to use social media in a fun way. I don’t like to argue with people and get involved in baseless conversations. I try to learn from Instagram. I keep checking several pages from where I can learn something or the other. Be it a make-up related page or a hair styling page, I devote time on social media on these things rather than paying heed to unnecessary arguments.”

Nia’s close buddies Reyhna Pandit, Rrahul Sudhir, Amrin Chakkiwala and Arjun Bijlani were also present in the dirty party organised for the birthday girl.

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