Neha Saxena Proves To Be The Most Adoring Partner By Giving Special Wishes To Her Hubby On His 33rd Birth Anniversary

Birthdays are a new start, a fresh beginning and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. And how beautiful your start can be if you celebrate it with the one you love? Amazing, right? Waking up under the balloons, walking down the carpet of rose petals, opening your eyes only to see how much you mean to someone is a great feeling! And if you find the one worth living these moments with, you must hold onto them and never let go!

One such couple is Shakti Arora and Neha Saxena. The chemistry this pair shares is not hidden from anyone and the fans are always delighted to watch them together; be it on screen or in real lives. Setting a new relationship goal to all the couples out there, this ‘Tere liye’ Jodi has once again proved why they are the cutest couple of TV industry. Shakti Arora turns 33 today and wifey Neha has some wholehearted wishes to wish him. Posting a loving picture of themselves portraying the love and affection they share, Neha wrote,’’Happy birthday to my special man!!@shaktiarora.’’

Well, it is an absolute pleasure and a blessing to have experience your life with ‘The Only One’. And such small surprises fill one’s life with happiness. Shakti and Neha first met on the sets of ‘Tere Liye’ and to be true, didn’t like each other much. In an interview, Shakti confessed how he thought Neha to be arrogant and rude. But as the destiny unfold its fortune cards, both the actors started to feel for each other. And without delay, news came that the couple has decided to tie their knots in 2016. But the time was not in their favor it seemed. Demonitisation which appeared as an enemy to many wasn’t much kind to the couple as well. They had to postpone their plans. And in that time period a rumor took over the air stating that Shakti and Neha are no more together. Clearing this air Shakti posted a picture and captioned it, ‘’ A real relationship will last long beyond the rumors…putting all rumors to rest. Relationship goals.’’

After a pan of 2 years, in 2018, the couple was finally able to step onto their next phase and experience married life putting a full stop to all the rumors and delighting all their fans. ‘The happily ever after’ never fails to surprise us by their ‘Khatti-Meethi’ chemistry. Wishing many more years of togetherness to you, happy birthday Shakti!


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