Navina Bhole Shares The First Picture Of Her Two-Month-Old Daughter, Kimaayra

This year saw some of the interesting things happening in the lives of our beloved celebs. Some walked down the aisle, some got engaged and some welcomed tiny humans into their lives. And now there is a new addition to the list and it is none other than Navina Bhole who embraced motherhood a few months ago. Ever since fans have been eagerly waiting to catch the first glimpse of her daughter. And now it seems like our prayers have been answered. A while back Navina took to Instagram and shared a glimpse of her little angel Kimaayra all cuddled up in her arms. Sharing the picture Navina wrote atop of it, “I’ve got the whole world in my arms #kimaayra” followed by a heart emoji, atop of it”.

In an interview with the Times of India post giving birth to Kimaayra Navina had shared “Karran and I want a healthy baby and preferably a girl because we have a family with a majority of boys. I have a brother, Karan has brothers so there is no girl in the house. Also, it is so cute to have little girls around. You can deck them up so cutely. I have been waiting to have my little one in my arms.”

Further revealing how her husband has been patient with her throughout her pregnancy phase and took care of every demand of hers Navina had said, “Right from my cravings to my subtle tantrums, Karran took care of everything and I am sure he is going to be a fabulous father to my little one. I had heard about a lot of mood swings and tantrums of ladies during pregnancy from my friends and I was, in fact, scared initially. But Navina, to my surprise, did not throw any tantrums in major and that kind of made me relaxed.”

In an interview with Telly Chakkar Navina had shared that being pregnant is the most beautiful feeling in this world. She had stated, “I was not really expecting and thus I was quite surprised. Knowing that you are going to be a mother and creating your own flesh and blood and bringing a new living being into this world is such a beautiful feeling and it just made me feel very happy. It was actually a series of emotions; I was feeling nervous, excited, anxious, tensed but more than anything I was super happy and super content that finally something that makes a woman complete is about to happen.”

Speaking of how her family reacted when she broke the news of her pregnancy to them Navina had shared, “There were a few symptoms so my husband suggested I take a home pregnancy test. I was too scared and nervous to see the results, my husband saw it first and he was extremely happy. He went mad and crazy. We told about it to our mothers and later on to other family members and they are all very happy and can’t wait for the little bundle of joy.”

Navina had enjoyed her pregnancy phase to the fullest. On May 5, 2019, Navina had shared a beautiful picture of her pregnant self with her hubby Karran Jeet which looked like a maternity shoot with her hubby. Sharing the picture she had captioned it as, “An ode to the best feeling I’ve ever experienced!! It’s baffling that I’ve been so blessed with love and light that it’s like living in a dream. @jkarran I know I’ve said this a million times but get used to it, “your the best partner ever”. Your strength, support, calmness, goodness, smile, crazy laugh which I love so much, motivation and selfless infinite love has kept me going and how!! Can’t wait to see and meet the little miracle we created.”

We can’t wait to catch the first full picture of Navina’s little angel.

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