“My hair was very much part of my personality”, Sonali Bendre Opens Up On The Moment She Lost Her Hair For The First Time

Sonali Bendre who was diagnosed with high-grade cancer last year has emerged victorious after going through numerous painful chemotherapy sessions. Recently Sonali appeared on Neha’s chat show, “BFFs with Vogue” along with her girl gang Sussanne Khan and Gayatri Oberoi wherein she opened up on the battles she fought for survival.

In the interview, Sonali talked about the moment she lost her hair for the first time. She was quoted as saying, “Now when I look back, life has all been about hair. It does sound kind of superficial but it is true. I have endorsed every hair product back in time and I was doing. My hair was very much part of my personality and talked about. I don’t know how to say it…the girls had come, my sisters were there, I knew it would fall off and it was beginning to fall off. I said you know what, I don’t want to feel horrible about it. I wanted to enjoy getting rid of it.”

She had further added, “We did a big deal of it. I got a short hair cut, I enjoyed that haircut. After that also, while going bald, I remember, Gayatri said to keep the long hair and make a wig out of it but I told her to give it away. It is not meant to be and I did not want to hold on to it physically. I am glad I did that. The use for it was over, I feel. It will grow back, it is (growing), in fact”

When asked about the reason behind the inspiring hashtags such as “#SwitchOnTheSunshine and #OneDayAtATime” accompanying her posts. She said, “When we heard about it, oh my god, it was like suddenly being hit by the train. We were like what do we do about it. Goldie would tell me to let’s just go through today. That is where one day at a time came through. It was like a mantra”.

She had further added, “Switch on the sunshine was because I used to feel like these dark clouds pressing down on me. I didn’t want it… so I would be like I want sunshine, switch it on. That is where it came from. I am not sad about it anymore, I refuse to be sad about it.”

Sonali Bendre, You are a brave soul and inspiration for many!!

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