Maldives will remove entry restiction for indian tourist in july

Maldives is now ready to open the entry for indian tourist from 15 july onwards . The restrictions were imposed due the ongoing pandemic situation and second wave of corona virus , cases were increasing with a great speed .As the  president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih have also said that the situation will be reviewed from 1st july to 15th july . The border will be open for other south asian countries also.

Maldives, officially the republic of Maldives  is a island nation in South Asia situated in  the Indian Ocean . Maldives is not a single large island but is instead a collection of thousands of tiny coral islands, each surrounded by a lagoon of shallow water .  The scenic beauty of this island nation attract the tourist from all over the world . The best things of maldives  are their beaches, male, scuba diving and snorkeling. Generally the best time to visit the archipelageo is between november to april.

Tourism play a integral role in the economy of this nation as thousands of tourist from across the world visit here to spend their vacation . Many celebrities also visit their there . So one should once in lifetime must visit this beautiful place.

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