Malaika Arora Has Reveals Her Bedroom Secrets & The Favorite S`ex Position To Neha Dhupia: Deets Inside

Many actresses shy away from spilling any secrets about their personal life and make sure everything is hidden behind closed doors. However, there are some who like to give a dose of masala to everyone by sharing their intimate secrets as well. Malaika Arora is no stranger to being bold and outspoken but when it comes to her relationships, she’s not that open. However, in an interview with Neha Dhupia, she did spill some beans and share her intimate bedroom secrets.

During a conversation on Vogue’s BFF with Neha Dhupia, Malaika revealed that she likes to play games in the nights and loves the boys with a beard. Further on the chat show she revealed some interesting details about her bedroom secrets. When she was asked by Neha Dhupia, “What is your favourite sex position?” This question she loves the most as she asks this to everyone whoever the guest is.

Malaika Arora reveals bedroom secrets on Neha Dhupia Chat show

Malaika then gave a sexy look and said that she likes to be on the top. Yes, the actress gave a sly smile and said, “I like to be on top.” Well, we are shocked that Malaika gave such an open answer. However, the audience must have enjoyed when she was talking about her personal things.

In an episode of Koffee With Karan, Malaika Arora opened up about Arbaaz Khan and his family and said that Khan never gets perturbed by her sensuality. “I think he is somebody who is very confident with himself. So, I think, if that confidence is there in you, you know it obviously transcends into something else. So these kind of issues don’t really bother us. I am not saying we are completely devoid of it, I’d be lying if I say that. But, there are times when things pop up but by and large Arbaaz is someone who is very understanding, very comfortable and confident with himself.

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