Malaika Arora Forgot To Wear Her Pants While Coming Out Of The Bathroom: Here’s How It Happened

Malaika Arora is known for her stylish personality and keeps settings trends with her looks. Whether it is her gym look, airport look, festive look, or party look, she manages to look stunning every time. However, being so trendy comes with its consequences. She has been at the receiving end of trolling a number of times. Malaika Arora enjoys a huge fan following on social media and she keeps entertain her followers by posting pictures and video of her. Recently, Malaika Arora has recently shared a funny anecdote of Corona Virus.

Malaika Arora took to her Instagram to share this story. She revealed that she would share this story when she would have guests over during lockdown. She wrote, “Don’t be afraid, I have got my dog’s vaccine installed.” Now I tell them, do not be afraid, we are vaccinated.”

In the second story, she wrote – “I went to the bathroom of a restaurant, then I opened the gate with an elbow. I lifted the toilet seat by foot, I used water with the help of tissue, washed hands and then closed the bathroom door with elbows, but when I returned to the table, I felt that I had forgotten to climb my pants.”

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