Make Sure You Check This To- Do List Before Appearing As A Bride

So, finally your most awaited day is approaching and you are just one week away from appearing as the most beautiful bride like you have always fantasized. You would already have gone under many beauty treatments and spas to keep your skin glowing and ‘bride’ ready but all you need now is some finishing touches that would steal away the hearts of every one. Here are some key tips to help you have the last minute preparations.

Rejuvenate your body

After months of hardwork to get everything right on place and perfect, a feel of exhaustion must be hovering upon you. This final week all you need to do is rest and go for a spa treatment. Re-energize your body and rejuvenate yourself fresh and free with a body scrub treatment. Relax those stressed out muscles and open up the closed pores of your skin throwing that dirt out of your system.

A back-up for make-up

Yes of course there would be a high professionalized make-up team for your styling on your wedding day but you ought to keep a back up ready for your make up. Pack an emergency kit ready with all the needed cosmetics and be stress free.

Go smooth one final time

You would have already gone under many wax appointments prior to your wedding but now is the time to go smooth one final time. For your skin to become used to waxing you must go for wax regularly for a couple of months. Two or three days before your D –day will get a new radiance in your body.

Get in shape, brow mate

Shape your brows right by cropping the small hair growth that may have found place around your trimmed brows. Suit yourself with the right brow that compliments your face.

Have good nights

Getting the above points right you also need to focus on your beauty sleep. Have enough and sufficient sleep and drink enough water to keep yourself fresh and healthy. You do not wish to enter your own wedding all bloated up!

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