Maintaining balance in today’s world between job and family

In the world full of stress, work pressure and other pressures , maintaining balance between both the job and family have become  a challenge which needs to overcome because when we give more priority to our personal life then professional life gets neglected and vice a versa so its very important to maintain balance in every thing.While keeping in mind that everything is important in life , nothing can be taken for granted so we should set priorities in order to maintain because family, friends , spouse everyone is important in our life . Social life is very important otherwise we start getting stress.

“Work is worship” so ignoring the work is also not justified . We can manage both the things by setting priorities,planning and doing things in advance, take out time for yourself also,also find time for yourself, invest your time consciously just don’t waste it in doing nothing productive. Giving time to children, parenting is the most important part of our life , spending time with children , learning them good habits , everything is so important. Likewise our parents also wants time like they have given , we should listen to them, spend time with them , not at all neglect their feelings.

Misunderstanding between the individuals only arises because of the lack of the communication so we should fill this communication gap by communicating clearly with our family , friends , collegues, senior and junior in office.

But in today’s world relations get spoiled because of the lack of balance butwe should think before we act to save our relations.In every person’s life , the point comes when we cannot control and balance the things but at that time , we should panic rather than act calmly and take responsibility for our actions and things will start balancing in future and you will be satisfied from both your personal as well as professional life.

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