‘Love At First Sight’, Sameera Reddy Shares An Adorable Picture Of Her Children, Picture Inside

Parenthood is an uneven ride that nobody ever sets you up for! Irrespective of whether you are a first-time mother or the subsequent time, it will never be regular. Be that as it may, with a tad of tranquility and bunches of adoration, you can support a phenomenal being. Bollywood entertainer, Sameera Reddy is an ideal case of it as she is doing her best to support her little infant and four-year-old child, Hans Varde.

Sameera and her significant other, Akshai Varde were honored with an infant angel, on July 12, 2019. In her subsequent pregnancy, Sameera broke numerous ideas encompassing baby bumps and Bollywood and completed a stunning underwater shoot while displaying her nine-month beautiful bump.

Yesterday, Sameera shared an adorable picture of her son holding the responsibilities of an elder brother and fondly keeping a watch on his sister. The caption to this cute photograph was, “Love, at first sight, he is so fascinated with her, it’s too sweet. Sunday mornings!” Check out the picture below:

After the birth of her little munchkin, Sameera had opened up about embracing motherhood in an interview with SpotboyE. She said, “I was on an ad shoot on Thursday, and in fact, my doctor had just checked me on Wednesday. I am at Women’s Hospital in the able hands of Dr. Gayatri Rao. She had said that we could go ahead with a C-section as it was required in my case and I should tell her when I would like to get it done. I said, ‘Let’s do it on Friday. As such, yesterday was Ekadashi- a very big, holy day. My husband clicked pictures in the labor room. He clicked his first selfie with our daughter.” She further added, “We haven’t decided on the name yet. We will follow the Rashi system.” Her son is playing the role of perfect ‘bade bhaiya’. She was quoted saying, “My son (Hans) has already become so protective about his sister. I am so thrilled to see that.”

Talking about her daughter, the Bollywood diva said, “She hasn’t come out dusky like me. She is fair and lovely. My husband is a very private person. We both are over-the-moon. My daughter is a superstar.” She further revealed her husband’s experience of being a father again. She shared, “I didn’t have a nanny when my son was born, so he is far closer to me. I am a hands-on mother. But yes, I have a good support system from my inlaws. I don’t think I will have a nanny this time around too but I might have to choose one as my work has increased. Waise, my husband too is a hands-on father.”

Revealing her experiences from her second pregnancy, Sameera said, “I enjoyed my second pregnancy. I frequently sent out messages that the bump is not ugly but something that all pregnant ladies need to be proud of. I had even shot a video Imperfectly Perfect in this regard and got a terrific response from women and even those who were not pregnant. There is so much shaming of every kind going out there. Everybody is just out to harm each other even otherwise and sadly not doing anything constructive either. There is a lot of viciousness all around us in every strata and sphere of life. It’s all coming out so starkly. It’s all coming out to exhibit that people have become so spiteful and scheming. It’s shameful. We need to end it ASAP.”

Sameera’s little ones are so adorable. What do you think?

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