Lillete Dubey remembers working with SRK in the theatre and describes him as an active actor with a lot of charisma. Lillete Dubey is a talented actress recognised for her glamorous personality and performing career. She has appeared in a number of classic movies, including Housefull, Baghban, Kal Ho Na Ho, and Gadar. She has experience dealing with many different performers because she was a member of the Barry John’s theatre group in Delhi. She also discussed collaborating with Shah Rukh Khan in a recent interview. She has collaborated with him on both films and theatre productions in the past.

Lillete Dubey recalls a young SRK as an energetic actor in the theatre

Lillete Dubey recalled working with Bollywood’s heartthrob, Shah Rukh Khan, from the very beginning in a recent interview with Cyrus Broacha. The two were coworkers at the renowned Barry John’s acting company in Delhi, according to the unexpectant. She remembered SRK as being a youthful, vibrant, and incredibly charismatic actor back in the day. To quote her: “Shah Rukh was just delightful even when he was young. He was always on ‘50 Red Bulls’ with that kind of energy. He had a lot of charisma. Of course, he was talented and had a super amount of energy.”

Lillete praised SRK as a kind and respectful co-actor

Further in the interview, Lillete noted how Shah Rukh Khan always came across as a polite and respectful co-actor who treated everyone with the same kind of warmth and care anytime they had worked together. She also mentioned how SRK still maintains his polite and kind demeanour whenever she has the chance to run into him. Lillete heaped appreciation on him and mentioned: “I must say Shah Rukh’s always very, very nice. He is very sweet, very affectionate, very warm, and very loving whenever he meets me. I have to say.”

Lillete shares how Shah Rukh claimed to never want to become an actor

Lillete concluded the interview by stating that her colleague and co-actress, SRK, never wanted to be an actor in the first place. Lillete recounted how SRK said he would want to become a rock star when he first joined the theatre company as a young enthusiast.

Lillete Dubey revealed about joining the film industry at her 40s

Lillete, on the other hand, had entered the same throughout her 40s, in contrast to most other performers who enter the film industry while they are young. The decision didn’t have any impact on her success, though, as she continued to make a name for herself. In a previous interview with the ETimes, Lillete had discussed how it was only when her husband moved his base of operations to Mumbai for work that she unintentionally became a well-known performer.