Kumkum Bhagya Actress Sriti Jha Talks About Being Asexual, Learnt To Lie In Words And Moans

A few years back, talking about sexuality was taboo and talked only behind closed doors. It was hushed in bedrooms and people couldn’t even think of opening up about their sexuality openly. And a century ago, it even seemed that the only sexuality that existed was hetro sexuality between a man and a woman. But slowly, people started sharing awareness about homosexuality, transgenders, and other forms of sexuality. But it seems they’ve still been mum about asexuality. Yes, another community of people exists in the world that does not feel any type of sexual feelings. And this is what actress Sriti Jha has talked about.

The Kumkum Bhagya actress Sriti Jha is known for being vocal about topics that are not talked about. She happens to be a master of various talents be it acting or writing. She has been stunning everyone with her acting skills and now she has come up to empower others with her words. She wants to give voice to the other communities that are hushed in society.

A few years back, she wrote a poem on being a lesbian in India and now she has come up with yet another poem talking about asexuality. Her poem ‘Confessions of an asexual romantic’ that she performed at Spoken Fest Mumbai 2020 has stunned everyone. Her video is going viral and watch it here.

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