Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala star Anjali Anand Mercilessly Trolled; ‘Moti Haathi’ Says The Haters

Body shaming is a big issue. People do not regularly talk much about it but somehow every 1 of the fifth person faces it. Either it’s your friends, colleague or family, it is entirely wrong. And being an easy target, celebs are usually the targets of the trollers. Recently, Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala star Anjali Anand who has always been someone who spread body positivity encourages self-love, and everything that might boost someone’s confidence if he/she is having trouble with self faced the same.

The netizens just mercilessly trolled her but this time, she had a comeback. She decided to show her how that slim or fat doesn’t matter. What matters is the talent, ability and nature. Being an actress, and also someone who is constantly trolled and body shamed, Anjali never stays mum and always stands up for what is right. And well, something similar happened rather recently when the actress was body-shamed by an internet user.

The troller basically had a conversation with her. In the conversation itself, that person used words like moti and haathi that are just too devastating. Have a look:


This is absolutely wrong and unbearable. But the way Anjali replied to the user and shared it on her social media without any shame is outstanding.

We are with you Anjali Anand.

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