Kiku Sharda Reacts On Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar And Other Stars’ Failure Post Leaving Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma Show has been one of the most successful shows in Indian TV history. The man started the show on his own but there were many other stars who helped him succeed. But over the years, many stars left the show due to various controversies. But not many have succeeded in the career. One of Kapil Sharma’s oldest mates Kiku Sharda has come forward to talk about the same.

Kiku Sharda said, “I am not going to point fingers at anyone and dissect why their shows didn’t work. If an actor is not in Kapil’s show and has left for whatever reasons, he will do something else, he won’t just sit at home. In the past, even I have done shows that have wrapped up in three months. The controversy that happened is an old story now, and if actors are not coming back to this show, they might as well try something new. There are various factors that make a show, so if the shows of other actors did not work, it’s not their fault. I don’t think it is fair to take names or bring down someone because their show didn’t do well.”

Asked about Ali Asgar’s show wrapping in a month, Kiku responded, “It is not easy to pull off the second season of any show. Also, the second season was very different and not in the same format, so how can I comment? I have not done a daily for many years after doing ‘FIR’ and ‘Partners’ since I have been part of Kapil’s show.”

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