Kavita Kaushik Gets Slammed by Former Bigg Boss Contestants for Degrading Eijaz Khan On National TV

Bigg Boss 14 wild card contestant Kavita Kaushik recently made some shocking statements about Eijaz Khan’s personal life which not only irked the housemates but many former BB contestants too. During the last weekend ka vaar episode, Kavita could be seen making some revelations about Eijaz’s personal life. Kavita Kaushik told Salman Khan that Eijaz Khan had called her to come home to cook some food for him as he was running out of his. Kavita then told Salman she went and cooked chicken for Eijaz out of humanity. Kavita went on to clarify that she’s in Khan’s contact list but not his friend. Khan was later seen apologizing to Kavita for calling her a friend. Now, BB former contestants like Srishty Rode, Kashmera Shah, Ajaz Khan, and others have come out in support of Eijaz and slammed Kavita Kaushik for her remarks.

Kashmera Shah tweeted, “What happened with #EijazKhan probably happened with more than half the planet. I empathise with him @Iamkavitak just made you a top contender for the trophy EK. The sympathy of the world is with you after today s episode,” while Priya Malik is extreme disappointment wrote, “You don’t help someone and then make a mockery out of it on national television. #KavitaKaushik was wrong to talk about #EijazKhan ‘s mental health. The words were wrong so was the intent”

Srishty Rode says she is proud to be Eijaz Khan’s friend. She tweeted, “Unbelievable! My blood boils after seeing today’s episode! #EijazKhan is a wonderful human being I’m his co-star have worked with him and I’m his FRIEND.” Ajaz Khan wrote, “Kavita jee ko itna Gurur kis Cheez Ka hai ? Kya Aap Ek Dost Ko bure Waqt me Khana Khilayi Ho to Is Baat Ko Aap National Tv Pe Bolte Huwe bahot Choti lag rahi ho . Ya main Ye Kahunga Aap Choti ho . B Strong Eijaz.”

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