Katrina Retaliates At Salman For Pulling Her Leg

The ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ actors, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, undoubtedly, make one of the best pairs in the Bollywood industry. Apart from being a mind boggling combination on-screen, they are also very good friends in real life and share a very ‘khatta-meetha’ bond. Salman often keeps pulling her leg and tease her on every little thing. In a recent interview, he was asked to suggest a new career for Katrina to which he said, “She should be married and produce children.” Even after it was cleared that the answer was meant to be a specific profession, he still stuck to his answer.

However, Katrina is not a silent listener. Although she is fully aware of Salman’s nature and understand that whatever he says is just for fun but our B-Town’s tigress never fails to have a counterattack on him. In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, Kat said that she is not a silent lamb but it’s her choice when to react and when not. She told, “He pulls everyone’s leg. It’s his personality which makes everyone feel comfortable. Everyone smiles around him.” Then, she added, “I’m not a silent lamb. I give it back when I have to.”

There was a time when two of them were in a relationship but eventually, things took a different turn and they had a break up. However, when the bond is strong, nothing can make it fall apart. They are still not only good friends but works very well as co-stars. The duo is next going to be seen together in Ali Abbas Zafar’s  ‘Bharat’ that’s going to be released on 5th of June. Earlier, they had shared the screen for the famous Bollywood movies like ‘Partner’, ‘Tiger Zindaa Hai’ and so on.

Katrina shared in an interview that her working experience was quite different when she came to the sets of her first movie with Salman, ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya’ and when she came on the shoot for ‘Bharat’. She said, “I remember the first film I did with Salman was Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya and that was my third film as an actor. I was new and trying to find my feet. There were also a few days on Partner with Salman and Govinda who are the kings of improvisation. I was like, ‘Oh Mmy Goodness’. You feel out of your depth there. So now, with Bharat, there is so much for me as a person. Salman was already Salman when we did our first film. For him, he doesn’t have the same feedback. When I came on Bharat, I came as a different person because the experience is the best teacher.”

Well, best of luck of the duo for their upcoming movie!

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