Kareena Kapoor Reveals Her Second Baby Plans, Talks About Good News

A woman’s roles are diverse. She has to be a wife, a mother, a sister, and create her individual identity as well. In Bollywood, it is considered that getting married is the end of your career but many actresses have proved otherwise. And if you are able to cross that barrier, your first child is considered to bring the end to your career. And not many actresses have been able to come out of this barrier. A number of actresses have seen their career graph falling down post becoming a mommy but one actress who has stayed steady is Kareena Kapoor Khan.

She showed the world that becoming a mother could not bring the end of her career. Her son Taimur Ali Khan is now turning three and her career is still pretty strong. She is still the begum of Bollywood and is ruling the kingdom. However, now that Taimur has turned three, people are expecting Kareena to have another kid.

Recently, in an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, Kareena shared her thoughts on expanding her family. She said that there is no ‘good news’ related to a second child in her life. Kareena also shared that she and her husband, Saif is happy with their kid, Taimur Ali Khan. And as of now, there are not planning to expand their family of three.

For those who don’t know, Kareena’s little munchkin Taimur is soon going to be three. In an interview with The Times of India, Kareena had shared his birthday plans. She had said, “Taimur’s birthday plans, we are going to be here (in Mumbai). I’ll be promoting the film and Saif is here. We will be spending time with the family. He will have a small little get together with 8-10 of his friends. He definitely has demanded two cakes and not one. He is a Kapoor (laughs). He is like, ‘I want two cakes. One Santa and one hulk’. I said, ‘Why two?’, he is like ‘Two!’”

In an interview with the Filmfare magazine, Kareena had talked about marriages and its effects on the B-town actresses. She had said, “People have finally understood that marriage is just a culmination of love. Earlier, the industry could never understand the fact that a woman can get married, have children and still work. But now it’s getting more and more accepted. Actresses like Vidya Balan, Anushka Sharma, now Sonam and myself for that matter, all top-order actresses, are constantly on the move. Finally, marriage has come down to what it is, culmination of love between two people, who want to spend their life together. It’s not the end of an era. It’s not the end for a woman. And it’s definitely not the end of a career. It’s just the beginning of a beautiful journey.”

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