Kareena Kapoor Khan Recalls How She Didn’t Know How To Clean Taimur Ali Khan’s Poop, Says, “She Wasn’t The Perfect Mom”

Kareena Kapoor Khan recently released the first look of her much-awaited pregnancy bible. She also made an announcement about its release and asked fans to pre-order her pregnancy book. According to a report in Hindustan Times, Kareena got candid about her motherhood journey in the book and revealed that she wasn’t the most perfect mom initially and didn’t know how to put a diaper on.

The actress further went on to share the best rule to raise a baby is simple-to do her best and relax. She has written, “I wasn’t the most perfect mom the first time around. There is joy in messing up. I didn’t know how to clean Taimur’s poop or put on his diaper properly in the beginning. His pee leaked so often because his mother didn’t secure his diaper perfectly.”

Kareena then shared a piece of advice with her readers which is, “But here is some advice — mother to mother: it’s about you and your comfort; do what is easy, do what works. When a mother is confident and comfortable, the baby senses it too. It’s why I returned to work so quickly.”

Kareena Kapoor also opened up on how leaving Taimur and going to work was heartbreaking for her. She said, “I remember leaving Taimur behind and going to night shoots with a crew of 150 people. I was so torn — trying to be professional on the shoot while aching for my baby.”

Speaking about resuming work soon after Jeh was born, the actress has said, “I have jumped back into my commitments soon after having Jeh too, though I definitely feel less rushed. It’s normal to feel guilty. But trust me when I say Taimur doesn’t love me any less today because I got my life back soon after I had him, and neither will Jeh. There is nothing like doing what you want to do. I will have one kid at my hand and another in my lap. I will be a mom and I will go back to work. I will rock all of it.”

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