Last August, Bipasha Basu opened up about her daughter Devi Basu Singh Grover being born with two holes in her heart. The revelation came three days after her birth, bringing an unexpected challenge to the new parents, Bipasha and Karan Singh Grover. In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Karan reflected on the challenging situation they faced.

Discovering Strength in Adversity

Karan Singh Grover expressed the incredible strength exhibited by his daughter despite her tender age of 14 months. Devi underwent an open-heart surgery to address the congenital heart condition. Recalling the emotional journey, Karan shared, “If you knew her story, even though she’s 14 months old, she was born with two holes in her heart. We had to go through an open-heart surgery.”

He also mentioned an encounter with Mamta from the production house Marflix, who aptly described Devi as a fighter. Karan emphasized the resilience demonstrated by his daughter, describing her as the “smallest, littlest fighter.”

Parenting Through Uncertainty

The couple, Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu, faced a challenging reality when they learned about Devi’s heart condition on the third day after her birth. Karan acknowledged the strength required to navigate such difficult situations, expressing respect for all parents who undergo similar challenges. Reflecting on their parenting journey, he remarked, “To be a parent kind of requires some other strength, and respect to all parents, man. And I think it was a very, very difficult situation.”

Despite the unexpected health hurdle, the couple stood united and faced the circumstances together. Karan Singh Grover shared insights into their journey, highlighting the emotional and physical resilience required when unexpected health challenges arise.

Celebrating Devi’s first birthday in November, Karan and Bipasha marked a significant milestone in their daughter’s life. Devi’s inspiring journey serves as a testament to the strength and determination displayed by even the youngest fighters in the face of adversity.