Karan Kundra’s Post On Sidharth Shukla Misinterpreted By People, Actor Receives Criticism

Karan Kundra is a known name in the television industry and has worked in many serials and reality shows. He spoke about the Big Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla To his friends and about the kind of work he is doing, just before the hours Sidharth took his last breath at his apartment. Karan Kundra took to his Instagram handle and posted a picture along with a caption.

In the post the tv star revealed that the night before Sidharth took his last breath, Karan was talking to his friends about how well he was doing. “Shocking.. just last night we were talking about how well you’re doing.. can’t believe! Gone too soon buddy gone too soon RIP will remember you always smiling.. extremely sad,” he wrote.

However, Karan Kundra’s this post was misinterpreted by many and he had to face extreme criticism. Kundra told to a daily publication that many people have jumped to the conclusion and thought that he was having a conversation with Sidharth on the night before he died. “Everyone just jumped on to the conclusion. In the post, I was talking about my conversation with my friends about Sidharth Shukla. I wrote last night that we were talking about how well he was doing in his career. And with that I meant, me having a conversation with my friends that I was sitting with. Every time we talk about success stories, somehow Sidharth’s name pops up,” he said.

Karan continued further and added,” We were just discussing amongst ourselves about how well Sidharth has done and this is the best time of his life. That’s why it was all the more shocking to me because in the morning when I came out of my rehearsals and people there told me what had happened,” he told.

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