Kapil Sharma Will Be Proud Of Sunil Grover, See Why?

Imagine you go out for a morning walk or are jogging around a park and you suddenly see a bunch of people laughing at the top of their voices, what would you think it is? Well, we all know it’s usually a form of ‘yoga’ that some do as they feel “laughter is the best medicine or form of therapy.”  

Well, in a certain fan’s case, comedy actually turned out to be a great medicine that pulled her out of depression. In fact, not just anyone, but Sunil Grover’s comedy. 


According to a report in Hindustan Times, actor-comedian Sunil Grover revealed how he was recently approached by a fan in Dubai, who thanked him and said his live acts and TV shows helped her get out of depression. 

He said, “A few days ago, I was waiting to catch a flight in the airport lounge when a lady came up to me and confided that she used to have 100 mg of depression pills, the dosage has now gone down to 10 mg because of my TV shows and live acts. Over time I have realized that humor de-stresses people. For me, comedy’s a medicine and the one who makes you laugh, a pharmacy.”


He further added, “As an actor, one doesn’t realise the impact one has on the lives of others because we’re mostly working in a closed environment like a studio. But it’s beautiful when you see the smiles you bring to the faces of people.”


Sunil Grover or his humor needs no introduction and we guess ‘Gutthi’ from Comedy Nights With Kapil and his fellow comedian Kapil Sharma can vouch for that. Well, is there anything that Grover’s comedy can’t cure? After all, he’s a doctor, Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

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