Kangana Ranaut Brutally Slammed For Hosting Kanya Pujan Amidst Coronavirus Lockdown And Risking Little Girls’ Lives

Kangana Ranaut has been praised for being proactive when it comes to speaking for the right, whether it is bashing nepotism or coming out with the casting couch stories, she has always been very vocal and seemingly righteous. However, this one action of hers is gonna change this view permanently. The world ia going through unrest and crisis because of the spread of coronavirus. The nation has been locked down for 21 days and it’s kind of a curfew. Amidst this, Kangana Ranaut gathered little girls at her home to host a Kanya Pujan.

It was a part of Kangana’s birthday celebration, The pictures of her traditional birthday surfaced on the internet and left netizens wondering about social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak. Kangana flew back to her hometown so that she could practice self-isolation with her family in Manali. Yesterday the actress celebrated her 33rd birthday by performing birth puja in which Goddess Durga is worshipped in the form of Kanyas. In the pictures shared by the actress’ on her social media handle, her parents can be seen showering love on her. Dressed in a Baby pink saree, Kangana was also seen performing Aarti of young girls. You can check her pictures below:

Looking at these pictures soon social media users commented why the actress or her family not practising social-distancing? One of the users asked, “No social distancing?” whereas another commented, “Plz corona ke time pe plz maintain gap(sic).”

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